About Us

At the HOFFA Foundation we understand recovery is about progression not perfection.  That’s why we’re dedicated to providing resources, and more importantly hope, to those struggling with addictions and their families.

Established in 2019 in memory of Jimmy Zumbrun who lost his battle with addiction in the fall of 2019, the HOFFA Foundation is a family-based, nonprofit organization.  Like so many families, we lost someone who was loved deeply by many and who is missed beyond measure.

The name HOFFA?  Well, if you knew Jimmy, you know he had a nickname for everyone, and his was HOFFA. So, it didn’t take us long to know what this foundation had to be called and create a fitting acronym, Healing. Opportunity. Free from Addiction.

This foundation allows us to channel our love and grief into purposeful work that we hope will promote positive change in the epidemic impacting so many individuals and families. Our long-term goal is to open a multidisciplinary recovery house to provide tools to change lives in a meaningful way.

We began funding our mission by selling “Jimmy’s Blend” (Seattle, WA) and "Jimmy's Hometown Blend" (Westminster, MD) coffee, but through the support of our community, like-minded organizations, friends and family, we have expanded our fundraising to include several special events and activities, the HOFFA Classic being our latest.

Now Jimmy wasn’t a golfer, but he never passed up an opportunity to have fun and spend time with family and friends. Never. And in this inaugural year, we’re planning an event that not only he’d be proud of, but one that will deliver a fun, unique experience for those who attend.

We hope you’ll join us!